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I have dedicated my life to helping others. My Coaching and Occupational Therapy background make me uniquely qualified to help you live your best life. The core of my work is applicable to many conditions and diagnoses. It is my mission to help those suffering mental illness, and those with chronic physical conditions which cause them emotional distress, such as Crohn’s, IBD, cardiac conditions, chronic pain, chemical dependency, alcoholism, also teens and adults with attention deficit disorder. My office in Beachwood, Ohio, is within minutes of route 271’s Harvard or Chagrin (West) exits, located on the south side of Chagrin Boulevard, between Richmond and Green Roads, directly across from Pavilion Mall.

People learn how to cope, even when life hands them lemons!

carol leslie ot therapist and wellness coachHeart Centered Hypnotherapy® is available for anyone keen to move forward on their path.

Let me help you, or your loved one, to live your best life. Call me, and let’s talk it over. Your family members, even best friends, can be involved in the process too. Let’s create the support and direction you so desire. Thank you for visiting!

—Carol Leslie, OT/L, ACHT, CWC

Please click on any of the following links which will take you to the relevant page for your situation. If your needs are unusual, not covered by these links, please send me an email so I can let you know how I might be of assistance.