ADHD/ADD Coaching

Carol’s coaching methods strongly resemble those of a sports coach:

  • clarify the rules of the game

  • identify the player’s strengths

  • build repertoire of skills and talents

  • discuss the best play for a win

  • highlight the needs or goals of the opposing team (e.g., teacher, parent, spouse, boss, employees, clients, children, friends, etc.)

  • review potential obstacles to success /create “plan B” back-up plan

  • outline necessary strategies, supplies and supports

  • position player according to strengths

  • celebrate wins!

ADHD/ADD coaching

Clients of all ages seek out Carol’s guidance, from 1st and 2nd graders, to sophomores, graduates, employees and beyond. So many arrive with a distorted self-image, stating they feel “dumb,” “different,” “distracted all the time.” And yes, some even call themselves, “stupid.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Those with ADD or ADHD have formed very unique pathways in their brains which enable them to be extremely creative. Many shine as troubleshooters, for they can always find alternative ways to solve problems; colorful personalities, who add light to situations, who are creative, interesting, and empathic.

Fitting into a rule governed environment as in a school setting, corporation or place of worship, can prove daunting. That’s where Carol’s expertise comes in to play, for she can truly help you fit in to facilitate your success, yet support your free spiritedness, your need for flexibility, individuality and uniqueness.

Enlist Carol’s help, and your life will certainly change for the better. Depending on the unique way your life has been impacted by ADD or ADHD, you will enjoy the following:

  1. get rid of clutter at home, at school, at the office, in your car

  2. eliminate paper piles and “to do” lists

  3. better manage your finances and eliminate late fees

  4. create a system for finding frequently used items such as computer tablet, car keys, purse, wallet, glasses, credit cards

  5. learn how to plan ahead, to pace yourself realistically, set healthy limits, finish what you start, to use a planner successfully

  6. utilize sensory prompts to stimulate your memory

  7. improve your focus to positively impact your study skills

  8. demonstrate punctuality, reliability, responsibility, self-confidence

  9. assert your needs in a healthy manner; learn the art of negotiation and assertiveness

  10. create a “beat” to your life which permits you enjoyment, fun, levity, healthy relationships, peace of mind, and a vast reduction in the mental fatigue often experienced as a result of struggling to cope with ADD or ADHD.

Give some consideration too to trying Heart Centered Hypnotherapy®, which not only helps repair some distortions held since childhood, but creates new awareness about your current lifestyle, habits, choices and values.