As a certified level II Reiki Practitioner, Carol Leslie, OT/L, ACHT, DipCOT, CWC, offers energy healing in a quiet, calming environment, a shangrila away from your cares, and promotes a sense of sanctuary, recovery, and peace.  Carol’s first introduction to alternative medicine was during her visit to Beijing, China, as part of the first delegation of American Occupational Therapists, where she and the group attended lectures at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. She learned of Tai Chi, Q’Gong, meridians, acupuncture, cupping, etc., and immediately sought training upon her return to the USA.

reikiReiki is actually a Japanese healing art which has taken flight around the world, especially in the USA. Communities are offering training in Reiki, masters giving attunements to facilitate personal application of this healing modality. In her work as Manager of Psychiatric Occupational Therapy at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, Carol witnessed the growth of Reiki on all the surgical floors as the Clinic embraced this philosophy and grew its Integrative Medicine focus. A small army of Reiki practitioners travelled from bedside to bedside, even in the ICUs, who demonstrated Reiki’s amazing positive impact on healing. Carol experienced this first hand, and sought training and certification so she too could reach those under duress, those fatigued by illness, or life stressors, and those who help others, who run risk of “battle fatigue.” The field of Integrative Medicine has grown exponentially in light of dynamic research on the positive impact of energy healing.Everyone has the capability of healing, and of becoming a healer! Sessions initially run 60-90 minutes, reducing to 15–60 minutes; frequency is as needed and desired. Someone receiving Reiki is fully clothed, may be sitting in a regular chair, standing, or laying on a therapy table or bed, whichever is preferred or available.

If you suffer from pain, debility, stress induced symptoms as in headache, neck or back pain, belly pain, hand pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, lack of focus, rapid thoughts, ADHD, depression, insomnia, hypersensitivity to light or noise, Reiki can help!  Carol also reaches out to those in the performing arts fields whose energy is so vital for performance, or for whom stage fright can be debilitating.