Wellness & Life Coaching

Our lives are busy, for some busier than ever, for others everything takes longer and they get less done. Time management is a concept difficult for the over-achieving “Type A” to grasp, or the under-achiever to embrace. So many suffer from stress induced headaches, back aches, fatigue, chemical dependency, a sense of dread, weight gain, procrastination, and find enthusiasm escapes them. If you can relate to this, you could benefit from Wellness Coaching!

wellness & life coaching

 Life Coaching

One of Carol’s passions is to envision life goals with her clients, to help them tease out necessary steps to success, troubleshoot obstacles, discuss needs versus wants, and encourage positive intention via right mindedness, right goals, right timing, right place, and right choices! To witness clients’ growth in confidence, assertiveness, calculated risks, ideation, conflict negotiation, love of life and life satisfaction, is one of the priceless rewards she gains. She has worked with company executives, counselors, doctors, homemakers, entrepreneurs, teens, retirees, small children, people from all walks of life, and a myriad of cultural backgrounds. If you believe life coaching is for you, call to set up an appointment. Just as in Mastermind groups, this process holds you accountable, not only to Carol, but to yourself and those you love. Pull up a chair, have a cup of tea, and let’s get to work. Call today! 216 763 1806.   **Please note that telephone coaching is available, nationally and internationally. This is a pre-paid service.

What is “wellness?”  Many words describe this, and it is perhaps best understood by the result of the following, adopted healthy choices and decisions:

  1. Mediterranean diet – pain management, reduction in inflammation, healthy weight, longevity, cholesterol reduction, healthy blood lipids

  2. minimal alcohol consumption / heart healthy red wine

  3. bona fide, research-based, nutritional supplements as needed

  4. sleep hygiene

  5. balanced activity between work, home, play, sports, hobbies, spirituality, etc.

  6. free, home based exercise: yoga, simple stretches, cardio, weights

  7. community fitness classes or active gym membership

  8. simple, but effective money management strategies in place

  9. spirituality or faith-based activities and connectedness, if desired

  10. civic activity such as volunteerism

  11. social supports

If you believe that joy of life and/or excellent health is escaping you, or you feel you simply need a mentor, a non-judgmental support and sounding board in your life to help you turn your health around, please contact us. Turn your medical test results into numbers to be proud of! Many health insurance companies are offering discounts for healthier members and their significant others.